Comodo Antivirus with Norton DNS and MBAM Pro Test (Biozfear)

there the Video

CAV was tweaked a bit.

this statement is not correct: “CAV detection is not the strong point”

+1 some people says CAV has a poor detection rate and when i hear that that make me laugh … totally wrong.

Be that as it may, Comodo has always stressed prevention as better than detection.

What the AV does not find HIPS/sandbox catches. That’s why I love Comodo.

Me too bro :wink:

CAV detection is prob the most over-protective one in the whole AV market today.

With all due respect, I never said detection rate was poor did I? Use CAV on its own without HIPS and it is clear that detection is not Comodo’s strong point. Prevention is and we all know that.

It is pointless posting links to justify something I never said or did I touch a nerve here?

Funny part is that you did not even commented on the other videos umbra posted, but on this one you felt the need to let everyone know detection rate when I never said detection rate was low.

Next time, please be slightly more professional and less defensive. If you have anything to say that you don’t agree, do feel free to tell me.

Thanks for posting the above biozfear.

Detection is CAV’s strong point. Prevention is the differentiation that it has. Having one of the best detection in the world clearly shows that Comodo has invested in making strong detection. I am sure you didn’t mean any harm in your writing. I didn’t realise you were in this forum, otherwise would have PMed you directly.

I don’t think neither of us meant any harm.

Friends :slight_smile:


Comodo detection did show improvements and that I won’t deny. I was a user of Comodo since 5.4 and before 5.4, last version I used was its firewall version 2.x

The only thing that for me as a gamer has a few steps backs its the scan time. Still think it could be a bit faster.

Other than that, only thing stopping me is the Intel Turbo Boost issue which I have posted on the Help section.

I have been testing the issue on a VM for nearly 1 month now ever since it started to happen on my Host.

Still comes and goes :frowning:

Ok thanks for that (got your pm too).
I will ask our guys to investigate it.


Melih, please, read personal message.