COMODO ANTIVIRUS VS others on-demands. (SAS, A2, AVIRA, MBAM) TESTing =)

Yes all UD samples will get sended, not tonight however. Rapid share is a bitch 88) ;).
Maby I send them through CIMA… lol… :stuck_out_tongue: (always fun to open 20 or so tabs and see it analyse files) ;D

I ran all against the same samples, those bad scored confused me as well… But it doesn’t make SAS or MBAM bad, just in my limited test they did not score excellent… according to the others it had to do with the kind of samples I used… Or maby they count samples “very” differently… lol. :wink: 8)

Uhmn… I was thinking of doing a new test… this time with more samples…

However only using CIS… this time…

Is this a “fair” way to measure how many samples got detected and how many did not:

I right click on the folder with the samples using “view properties” and then it throws out a number… ex: “contains bla bla number of files”? :stuck_out_tongue: or is this inaccurate in some way? 8)

Anyway after that I scan… And let CIS delete whatever it finds… and right click once more on properties and see… “how many files left”?

And after that presents a number? =) Or is there better suggestions? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes and no. First you have to clean your test set. Second, if detection is inside archive that contains 2 files and only one is cleaned out, the archive will remain and still count as 1 even though its content was cleaned.

I have no archived files…

=) I made sure to empty any .rar or such… I think pretty much all those samples are all unique… but there are a lot of the same variants of some… =O

This way of testing is okey at least?

or…? =)

Well I do it this way now… ;D ;D

At least it’s somewhat accurate. =)

Lol did a scan vs 71002 samples… CRASH 88) 88)
So my technique did not work… I never got a chance to remove anything… =/

Might do a new try tomorrow…

But it seems like CIS “might” have a trouble viewing “many” infections.
Or this was a one time happening… Well =) New day tomorrow… :-TU :-TU

Get egemen in contact regarding the crash. That shouldn’t happen.

Thanks for the suggestion… Maby it was a one time thing… I will do a new scan soon and if it happens again then I will contact “someone” or at least report it in the bug section! =)

where did you get so much malware?

From your computer… :o :o :o :o
You should check your firewall more often… muhahaha… :wink: :smiley:

Just joking. :slight_smile:

Do you like malwares?

=) :slight_smile:

lol Well i am a malware author and owner of botnets.
I have a list of about 30 urls that i use to do tests on a virtual machine, but i dunno where to get large samples?? well without downloading huge amounts of porn.