Comodo AntiVirus v4.0 - WCL certified

I have no clue what that certification mean but I guess it’s a good one. ;D

Congrats Comodo team. :-TU

Thank you!

This is a very prestigious Certification and welldone to the Comodo AV team for creating a top notch product to achieve this Certification!


Good job Comodo.

Keep up the good work.

Does anyone know what tests are carried out before awarding this certificate?

Great job Comodo!! :-TU

Hi Melih

I always criticized you when stubbornly refused CIS to be tested :P. Today, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you and Comodo. I always knew that CIS was and still is a great product ;); and that is why I could not understand why you did not want CIS to be tested ???.

Anyway West Coast Labs Certification is great and I hope it is just the start. Next step hopefully is AV-Comparatives :-TU.

Peace. :a0

hi Jaki

Thank you.

We never refused anyone who wanted to test it.

Anyone who wants to test is welcome to it.

Thank you again


Congratulations to you melih and to umesh and all the other developers that helped the antivirus engine.

Great Work! ;D

Good job CIS team. I hope getting those nerdy certifications is as fun as acctually coding CIS! 8) :-TU

Can someone with a little insight tell us what this certification acctually means? (what tests did CIS have to pass to earn it?). I found this: and this: I even clicked the original link and > (info) > Wildlist - 07/10… No data there either…

Why don’t this site offer some easy to read information about their certifications and exactly how CIS did instead of having a bunch of links leading to nothing: “click to get to stupid page with no info whatsoever”.


Keep up the good job. :wink:

Good job.
Most Comodo user needs Comodo has certificate to be well know and trusted provider as the slogan.

Cheers !

Ya certified by 53209riweopfk42 looks good on paper and most people would settle for that and think “that looks good”, I think Ill install it. But do anyone know more how this certification is achieved?

Yeah, I’d also like to know more about the methodology behind this.

I have an RFI in with West Coast Labs on the certification process. As and when I receive the info, I’ll repost it here.

Ewen :slight_smile: