COMODO Antivirus Update Error


Today i was thinking on doing a full scan to my computer, so i first went to check if the COMODO Antivirus was updated, and this is the result:

What is going on with the program?

I appreciate all the help.

I also had the “exact” same problem Today, when I used the update button, to check for virus signature and program updates. I got an Error 0x80070002, when it tried to update the CIS program ??

Can anyone help ??

Thanks Rick

Please reboot the system and try again, it should be all OK now. :slight_smile:

The update system is now OK!

Thank you. :smiley:

You are welcome, good to hear all is OK.

“Thanks” Captainsticks,

After rebooting system, there is no more errors. But, I noticed that after updating the CIS program to the newest version 6.1.275152.2801, the computer will not start-up immediately ? When I first turn on computer, it goes to a windows blue screen and then I will have to wait around 2-3 minutes, before it will then start up my Windows XP and load up all the desk top icons. Everything works fine, other than this happening after updating to the newest CIS program version. I am wondering if the new CIS program version, is checking for rootkits or something, before allowing the Windows program to load up and start up??

Thanks again-Rick

Do the Windows logs give us a clue as to why it it waiting?

CIS loads early in the boot process but does not specifically check for rootkits. CIS however limits the behaviour of unknown files preventing malware including rootkits to get on your computer in the first place.

Hi Eric,

Which log do you want me to look in the windows “event viewer”, for their are a total of (8) logs listed ?
Again, the problem did not occur, until I had update the CIS program update. This update was done from my main CIS panel.

Thanks Rick

I am curious whether a specific process is unresponsive that might have been picked up by Windows. Check the first couple of minutes after boot and look for entries with yellow triangle or with a red icon. Look under Event Viewer → Windows logs → System.

There are more reports about this problem. You’re not completely alone with it. You may consider to go back to v6.0 for the time being.

Hi Eric,

I never had a problem with the CIS program 6.0 version. How do I go back and get the older version again ?

I also checked the system log in event viewer and found no errors or yellow triangles-red icons.


The download link in the release topic is serving 6.0. Also the downloads from now provide 6.0.

Hi Eric,

Just to let you know, that Comodo had issued a “New” update CIS program version 6.1.276867.2813 and it specifically made a reference to correct and fix “slow start” with Microsoft XP windows. After installing the new version, my computer now loads up fast, just like previous older CIS version 6.0, that I use to have.


Thank you for reporting back. Comodo is now getting back many happy XP users.