Comodo Antivirus - TOTAL FREEZE!

I went and downloaded and installed CAVS. After rebooting my system, Windows would log-in and then freeze. Total freeze. No taskbar options, no mouse clicking… totally unresponsive. I had to boot into Safe Mode, and manually remove anything related to Comodo from my system, reboot back into Safe Mode and then use System Restore to go back a day on my system, when it was stable.

Why did this happen? What’s the deal? Need more info?

Joel from

Hi and welcome,

A number of people have reported this with the latest beta of CAVS. The developers are working on a fix for this, but any information you can provide on your system may help.

One solution has been to disable HIPS and the On Access scanner, then activating them after boot up which seems to solve the freezing.

Apoligies for your problems,

I have the same problem :'(. I have found that disabling the on access scanner at startup does the trick ;D (even with HIPS enabled).


I’m also having the same problems, downloaded and installed fine :slight_smile:

Up to now all OK, I reboot my PC. Now WinXP with SP2 loads up fine until antivirus starts and everything slows to a crawl ???

I was eventually able to view my CPU and my RAM usage, both of which strangely were running fine, so I’m finding it hard to understand why this is happening.

To ensure that it is the software I have also:
(1) Run ‘System Configuration Utility’ and stopped everything except COMODO software running … Still crawls
(2) Run ‘System Configuration Utility’ and stopped nothing except COMODO software running … Works at full speed

I’m running a fairly old PC but still within its requirements:
WinXP with SP2
95GB Free Space
512 MB RAM
Pentium III 700MHz

Any Help appreciated as I have been using COMODO Firewall , which I think is GREAT (L) for some time.

Hi there,
same problem here with XP sp2 system, seems to me one of the latest updates is buggy,
went back to a good config with system restore, cavs shows now build 1103 in the about.
I stoped auto updater because there is no selective updat between program files and
virus data available.

I’ve now installed the Beta 2 version,

No system freeze, Works great !!

Great product Comodo (:CLP)

Thank you PendlebG.
Hi ifg-joel,
Can you pls install Beta 2.0 from comodo site and let us know your feedback.