Comodo Antivirus slow down and freezes my pc

I downloaded COMODO antivirus and COMODO FIREWALL 2.4. Firewall works fine but when i install antivirus it slowdown my PC and start freezing. Is there anything i am doing wrong? I need help. I do not have antivirus in my PC rightnow but i do have COMODO firewall2.4 ver. So my question is if i have COMODO firewall do i need Antivirus software or COMODO firewall does both jobs?
Thank you in Advance.

Hi and welcome,

What RAM do you have on your computer, and what is your Operating System?

Comodo Firewall and Comodo antivirus do different jobs.


Hi Mike,
Thank X for responding. i have windows xp media center edition Version 2002 service pack 2 and ram is 1 gb.
thank you

Hi yashwanta, sounds like your system meets the requirements, that shouldn’t be the problem. Perhaps you could describe more in detail what happens - slowdown in which way, freezes just for a while or completely? Personally I’m not familiar with those kind of problems, CAVS has run fine on my system (similar to yours), but hopefully we can solve this. :slight_smile:


I found that CAVS performed better on my system after it had been on a week or so. Strange. However, a couple of other changes did help also and it may be worth your trying them. The changes can easily be reversed if they don’t work.

First: in firewall application monitor edit the rules for cavasm.exe and CavAUD.exe by ticking both ‘skip advanced security checks’ and ‘allow invisible connection attempts’ boxes under miscellaneous.

Secondly, see attached screenshot, under settings/reports for CAVS settings make sure the box is unticked for creation of troubleshoot log.


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have similar problems to OP. I just did a clean install of XP and on the basis of Comodo Firewall being so good I installed Comodo AV. Same results as OP, constant freezing which even Ctrl-Alt-Del won’t fix, constant reminders to upload files to Comodo (last one it tried to upload 41 files in one hit) which is when I uninstalled it.

I just went back to my old AVG free AV and all is well again. No idea what is wrong with CAV but it is seriously a PITA to use. AVG just sits in the background and does it’s job without all the annoying messages form CAV.

AMD 4600X2
3gig ram
XP Home SP2 up to date
Nvidia 7900GT

So doubt that it’s my computer lacking resources.