Comodo antivirus shows threat in a game

I just manually scanned my PC yesterday with CIS 3.14 updated to latest virus database and also with Ad-Aware. After showing a few threats by my CIS, I have removed them and my PC was clean(hopefuly).

But, today when as soon as I started my PC, my CIS(realtime scanning of anti-virus engine) showed a threat in the file ‘Farcry2.exe’(of game Farcry2) with threat information as “Trojware.win32.Trojan.Agent~KHI[at]100801114”. I have been running the game for a few days without problem and after cleaning my PC just yesterday, how could this be infected today? Could it be a false positive? I set heuristics of manual scanning to HIGH and of realtime scanning to LOW. Not being sure of what to do, I just quarantined that ‘farcry2.exe’. I also submitted the file to comodo.

Now, before approaching this forum, I just wanted to post that particular file to and verify the results whether it was really threat or not. But, the file could not be uploaded to virustotal as it shows that access to ‘quarantine’ folder of CIS is denied.

Should I reinstall the game or can I find any alternative to find out whether it was really a threat or not?

Moved to the f/p board.

Hi hira,

Reported FP was already fixed.Please update your CIS to DB 4232 of V4.0.135239.742 and confirm it.If you still experience any problems, please let us know.


Finally, I deleted that quarantined file from my system and reinstalled the game. Anyhow, thanks for the advice.