comodo antivirus self protect?

i don`t know if this is already implemented
i hope it is

(i hope this note is not needed because comodo had already taken needed measures)

i have suspicions that some antivirus could be interfered by some network
activity that could spoil antivirus performance.
so comodo should think about ways comodo antivirus can self protect form
unwanted network interference .

best regards

What type of network interference are you referring to? Comodo has already taken steps to protect the client on the system from unauthorized changes.

i meant that there could be viruses that can do some changes (in registry, in settings of the antivirus
or in some files of the antivirus or something) and in result
the user will think that antivirus is working and updating but in fact it will miss some viruses
perhaps this is not very likely to happen but who knows … it is better to be safe :slight_smile:

best regards

Comodo protects all of it’s own registry keys, files, and running processes from changes