Comodo AntiVirus reporting nod32 install as virus.

testing out new antivirus programs and comodo antivirus just quarantined nentenst.exe (downloaded nod32 2.7 from their site) as backdoor.win32.rbot.abj

I’m assuming a false positive I assume?..just thought I’d see what you guys have say?


Definate false positive there,you get these sometimes with other security products.Some components within these act in a similar way to malware in securing kernel access etc.This can be seen as suspicious by your installed scanner.

Probably is a false positive… but… maybe it wasn’t. I’ve no idea.

Torent Download Report

If it was downloaded from an untrusted source then that’s a different matter entirely.I’ve never seen the logic of installing any form of ‘cracked’ security software,it’s like giving a notorious burglar your house keys because he promises to only rob the next door neighbour. ::slight_smile: