Comodo Antivirus: removing activation (preparing for image installation)

I have an image file to install each new computer. I would like to include Comodo Antivirus in my image.

I was instructed from comodo -support not to include activated comodo antivirus in the image. Each installation should be (online) activated separately.

In order to include properly configured and newest virus definitions containing comodo antivirus installation, I need to perform activation. But before creating image I should be able to remove activation so that it can be performed after image is restored to other computers. That way each installed computer is activated separately.

Is there any way to remove the activation? To repeat, my scenario has the following steps:

  1. Install Comodo antivirus
  2. Activate Comodo antivirus
  3. Configure AV setting properly
  4. Download virus definition updates / other updates
  5. Remove activation
  6. Create image
  7. Install image to other PCs
  8. Activate antivirus separately (online activation)

Thanks for your replies!

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I investigated this bit myself.

After CIS re-installation, serial key still stays stays same. I think serial and activation information is saved into the registry. I found the following two registry entries:


Above one has value of 3.10.102353.531_[serial#] where “[serial#]” being my serial key, first part being CIS version number.

Later one has value of [serial#]

I manipulated both. Above one did not affected anywhere AFAIK. However, modification of later one immediately affected to serial key displayed in comodo → MISC → about (pop-up displaying version and serial key). If I cleared value of computer\hkey_classes_root\clsid{D6267144-4B06-402a-808D-52D498387079}\LicenseID, a new registry key was re-generated. However, I was able to enter some other non-null value, e.g. “aaa”. This was my registry key after that, and online updates seemed to work…

I also re-installed my computer from image from state when I had not installed CIS yet. I did not connect my ethernet cable. In end of installation the wizard states that online activation will be performed. For some reason it succeeded even though I had ethernet unplugged. I also monitored registry and found no changes there (there were maybe some but I did noticed any having serial key as value). I plugged ethernet and performed online update, and no changes to those registry entries either…

What CIS does in activation? Is it really online activation or only key generation locally.

I have started to doubt that it does not matter even though I add “activated” CIS in the image to install multiple computers.