Comodo Antivirus release date?


Does anyone know what time we can expect the final release of Comodo Antivirus? Oh and I was wondering when we can expect Comodo Antispyware.


I believe Comodo antivirus will be available first week in May.

For the antispyware this will be a couple of months.


I assumed so for the Antispyware product. However Melih has told me that they will hopefully have a beta next week.

Ok, thanks Justin maybe I read wrong and it was the beta being released next week not the final product. Either way can’t wait to try it out.

It is the beta being released next week.

ok Justin1278

CAV Beta will be released next week (fingers crossed).


Just been looking at the main comodo site and CAV can now be downloaded.

Yes it seems they have released it! I am testing it now.

So what do you think of it, or to soon to say?

Talk about a no brainer install. ;D I think even my youngest child could have done it without a problem.
GREAT work Comodo AV TEAM.!!!
Easy on resources also. Seems fairly fast at checking mail too. I will be checking it out over the next several days with some test files and sites to see how it works both local and online.
So far though, I like what I see.

I am going to wait until fully switching to it. One reason is I have a paid subscription to avast! Professional, and there are a few bugs, but I will most likely change to Comodo Antivirus! I will just wait for future versions.

Well having said easy on resources, I have to take that back now. At first it was, but now: CAVASM loads at 61MB and settles down to 53MB
CAVEMSRV loads at 61MB and drops down to 29MB This is the e-mail server. seemes a little high for this to me. But what do I know. ;D

On another note:
When you go into CAV and the Quarantine and then highlight a file and click on properties to view, you cannot close the window. You are stuck there.
The only way to get out is to ctrl/alt/del Task /Mjr and kill the app. Not a very smooth way to close a window, but it does work.
I have all the updates installed as of this evening. This error occured just a few minutes before I logged here.
Thanks for a greal product.


Imagine, this is only our starting point :slight_smile:
It will only get better from here on! We will make sure of that, just like we have done with CPF. It will continually become a leaner and meaner AV :-). Keep supporting and helping us by using and reporting back how you would like it improved.


Much appreciate your comments Leebme. I totally understand.

thanks for your support. Please keep telling us how we can improve, its so very important for us to hear from our users.


just read about comodo last week at

Compaq Presario year 2001

screen aspect ratio 4:3…
installed the firewall…
it is much better than zonealarm…
sometimes I have to shutdown zonealarm…
to check outlook express and internet…
sometimes… not all the time…

i’m still using AVG for virus…
when will comodo release the final AV (non-beta)?

Acer Aspire laptop year 2006

screen aspect ratio 16:10…
firewall alerts unreadable…

revert back to zonealarm…
will install comodo av when it is final version (not beta)

can i get notification to my email when it is final version?
does comodo have a weekly or monthly newsletter?
how ? where do i subscribe to the newsletter?