Comodo Antivirus protection in AV-TEST

Why do Comodo Antivirus do poorly in AV-TEST’s virus protection test?
Is it a concern?

Did you say it is poor? We called it amazing prevention :-TU :-TU I do not understand how they gave this protections score. Let me tell you, they just look at the detection ratio :-X

I often wonder if maybe people just don’t know of any word between “perfect” and “poor”. I’ve seen many posts through the years of people saying that results are “bad” or “poor” and when I look at them, they are often really good, or just average. Even the detection scores are only slightly below average in this case, but nothing any reasonable person would claim is poor.

Also be aware that AV-Tests’s Real World test is done by executing malware on live systems and AV-TEST reference test is antivirus part only. That’s why Comodo never scores 100% on the second but does for the first one, because its whitelisting/sandboxing system kicks in.

As @Casette said, we have good detection ratio (not best)… but why do I need more? I can prevent them with sandbox and common sense.
Comodo always gets score %100 on 0-day protection test which is the most important part of the test. We are looking for a security suite not a sport car or shiny buttons.

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Exactly. Just as I have seen several AV suites that detect a piece of malware, but can’t remove it. So being able to protect against infection is the only thing that matters at the end of the day. Not if it’s database recognizes a piece of malware, but can it stop infection.

CIS antivirus need improve detection for signature not for hash.

One example …

ImgBurn is the CD/DVD burner ( he has the OpenCandy adware ).

The installer is detected by CIS antivírus but when I unzip it no more is detected.

At least they could have lifted the hash of OpenCandy dll: VirusTotal

So CIS antivirus is lousy at detecting malware already installed on system.


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