Comodo antivirus on default settings.

Hello,I am using comodo antivirus version 6 and it is on default settings,are these settings good enough? or do I need to change some of the settings. I have been on a number of different security advice sites and youtube and you get different answers,it gets very confusing. I would really value your advise,thanks

Yes it is good on default settings. what firewall software are you using?

Hello,I am using windows 7 firewall I would like to try the full comodo suite but it looks very complicated.

Hi paul13,
Using the full suite is not really any more complicated than the Firewall alone IMO.

You add the Antivirus component from your current installation by following the instructions in the link below, leave the tick in the Firewall component and also tick the Antivirus component.
Switching Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components (just AV or FW)

If you decide you do not like the Antivirus component you can go back through the same steps, but remove the tick from the Antivirus component.
This will leave your Firewall component installed and remove the Antivirus.