Comodo Antivirus Manual Update problem.

I’m running Windows XP & downloaded the Free version of Comodo Antvirus yesterday from the official download page.Also i downloaded the whole update database from here:

Furthur i installed the AV on a friend’s pc not connected to Internet and manually pasted the database file in the "\program files\Comodo\CIS\Scanner" folder and renamed it to “bases.cav”.Now when i start the AV,it still shows “never updated” & since the pc dont have an internet connection it also gives an update error when trying to update.Now how do i know my Antivirus is updated considering the fact that i manually updated it or has it really failed to update through the manual process?
Please help.

Welcome to the Forum anoop003 :slight_smile:

Sorry there is no way to change this except by updating using the updater it will always show Never updated.

You can check the Virus Signature Database Version in More / About it should show the same as your computer which is connected to the internet.

The current database is 10508.


Edit If it is 0 or 1 it has failed.

Thanx Dennis.
So,does that mean the AV is updated and just not displaying the date since it is not updated online?
Can i continue using it in the same state coz the pc cannot be connected to the internet?

Okay.ill Check the database version in “More” and update the thread.Thanks.

Yep Dennis.Its showing Virus Signature Database Version - “10489”.
Hope its fine!:slight_smile:

Yes should be fine :-TU

You can always try a manual scan if there is a database problem it usually fails to start.