Comodo Antivirus licence

Does Comodo Antivirus as protioned in CNET´s site let me install it free in 6 machine of the same lan. It is really a freeware for business use (calling business use to use it in a business not as a mean to win).

It is free for business. If you do buy a license it will cover every computer you own. The paid version just gives you GeekBuddy. The free version is fully functional.

The free version can be used by both businesses and regular users for free.

There are two options with the Comodo AV paid versions. When getting it from the Comodo website you can only purchase it with Unlimited Live Expert Virus Removal. When bying it from the Geekbuddy website you will get Geekbuddy and it can be installed on 3 computers.

Take free ones, if you want to say thanks to Comodo for this amazing free product, go and take paid ones :-TU