Comodo antivirus just reached 2+ million signatures!

Great news!

Total Definitions: 2 035 071 :slight_smile: :wink:

Check it out for yourself! =)

This is one essential part of making CAV a really good antivirus. :-TU

only the start guys…
I did promise to give you guys one of the best AVs within 12 months of launch (i still got few months left). And as you can see we are making good progress.

Next big task for us is to get signature updates every 30 minutes and reduce the time it takes from finding a malware to creating a signature so that our reaction time will be one of the best in the industry.

Of course, none of this could have been achieved without your active support. Thank you every one of you for the support and making internet a safer place for tens of millions of people!


And here I sit with a glass of wine again, how could I possibly distrust you? :smiley:

You really are making a huge progess, and I’m sure there are many thousands (if not millions) of people grateful for this. For each step you take in building Comodo/trust it’s a win-win situation for us. :-La

Thank you!

Thanks “COMODO”… Your really doing a pretty good job… Im looking forward to future updates/releases…


Cool, keep up the good work, the AV is getting better and better! Looking forward to the CIMA heuristic A LOT, A LOT. Know a few more people really looking forward to that enchantment. :wink: Keep up the great work! ;D

Glad to hear more intense updates are planned also. And to hear from egemen that 3.9 will improve D+ some Also, and that ipv6 will be supported in future versions (dont know if he meant 3.9 thou)… CIS is getting better and better… I Really like CIS, Its the best and has keept me free from malwares and even prevents the nasty ones well. Good job COMODO at Creating Trust Online! :-TU :-TU

It is great to see how much COMODO has accomplished in so little time. It is clear to me now that when Melih says he is willing to do something, he just makes it happen. And not just him, COMODO development team just do it!! That is being a leader.

There are no other words better than THANK YOU!!! Thank you for creating a trusted internet to only with CIS but with the other products COMODO develops. They are essential next to CIS to keep your personal data well protected.

I’m looking forward to future releases because like I always say…It will kick some rear ends!!!

Congrats with reaching this milestone. Can’t wait to see the database size with the upcoming antispyware integration.

Lot and lots of kudos to you and your team Melih. I am gobsmacked by the sheer speed of developments. :comodomarryme:

Great job.

:comodorocks: (V) :comodo110:

Hmm intressting… Seems like only today they added an other 100 000 signatures…

Total Definitions: 2133457, Good, Glad to see detection increase! =)

I am very impressed with such a big progress! :comodorocks:

I want more and more signatures!!! more and more and more!!! 4 million signatures!!! and of course all the variants!!!

Yep, but without any FP’s :), CAV still has lots of it.

I can only say. Congrats :-TU And thank you to all the users that submitted the samples :-TU


thank you guys…
we will continue adding more and more…

as to FPs… pls tell us when u get them so that we can clean the offending entries in our db…

its only matter of time guys, its only matter of time…CAV will be one of the best soon with the progress we are making thanks to the community contribution! This is the power of Comodo community at work!


You really need a better way to submit or report false positives. It’s really annoying to send them by email each time. And i’m not saying just for CIS, i hated that in avast! (but they improved that) and i hate it in Kaspersky and many others.

Thanks RejZoR for the feedback.
what is the best way you would like?


Change the way of CIMA

Give it 3 options :

  • Analyze a file
  • submit a file to the devs
  • submit a FP to the devs

That can help already a lot

Also a simple separate program could be nice.

I think this method will get lot of spam or so…

But maybe built a little program and share it with malware research team/other malware submitters.
Browse a file
VT/CIMA links.

And they will be sent to somewhere like FTP or so. I don’t know if it is effective or not, but just an idea :wink:
And they will be processed in high priority or so (like new Rogues which spread fast)
Or sender chooses priority for shared malware…

Quick “pro” painting

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You really need a better way to submit or report false positives. It's really annoying to send them by email each time. And i'm not saying just for CIS, i hated that in avast! (but they improved that) and i hate it in Kaspersky and many others.

We are coming up with a web-interface soon using which user can submit FP to us. Hopefully by March, 2009 end.