Comodo Antivirus is completely broken and unusable.

I downloaded a file today and tried to scan it. When I right clicked and told it to scan Comodo popped up a window that said:

Could not initialize the scanning engine! Please run the diagnostics utility to check for problems

I tried the diagnostic utility and it says that everything is OK. I tried to manually update but everything is up to date. I restarted my PC and the problem is still there. What is wrong with Comodo? I don’t want to uninstall it and have to go to another competitor if it can be fixed.

When I click to tell Comodo to do a full scan it tells me:

Update failed. Antivirus engine is not initialized!

what version are you running? You might have to do a clean install of CIS.

The only time this has happen to me was when the virus database was corrupt.

Please check More / About the virus database should be 1 or higher not 0

Please check to see u r running latest version of comodo internet security.

I fixed it. It was the antivirus database. The forums were down last night after I posted this so I couldn’t post a reply at the time.

Let all who have this error know that downloading the most current bases.cav and applying it in safe mode fixed it. Can’t throw it into the folder unless your PC is in safe mode (F8 during boot and select safe mode.)