Comodo Antivirus Installation Problem

My PC is infected. When I try to install Comodo Antivirus, installation starts and files are extracted then installation start but it stops and it is rollbacked. ???

I have tried many times but I still cannot install Comodo Antivirus. Can anyone please help me? (:NRD)

Hi aqk, in case your PC is infected maybe you can attempt to use one of the free online scanners offered by various security companies to relieve yourself of the infestation.

See this link for a quick google search I did: free online virus scanners - Google Search

I’m pretty sure some of them will actually remove the threat for you as well. ESET also offers its free on demand scanner offered online. I’m not sure it was mentioned in the google results but it might be worth looking at.

Since you do want to install CAVS, may I ask for some details of your PC. What Operating System (CAVS 2.0 does not support Vista at all), what other security software are you using in real time, and anything else that might be interesting.

Thanks and good luck,