Comodo Antivirus has come a long way!!! :-)

Just looking back at this thread it’s amazing how much the AV has improved in every angle!

Now, the AV + FW + D+ uses about 5MB on my system as a entire suite! Just like to say keep up the good work Comodo, from a retired mod, But still a very proud user! :slight_smile: Everything is going smoothly… :slight_smile:


I couldn’t agree more. Comodo has done a fine job on this product and it’s getting better all the time.


I jumped this bandwagon with CFP alpha when looking for a decent and free firewall for Vista. Now I am on the CIS bandwagon even using Comodo AV. Things do go fast. Heuristics are coming towards the end of the year…

The low memory footprint is amazing. It is keeping my old hardware with Vista snappy and responsive. It even beats CFP with Antivir.

Noticed you were mod off since recently. It looks odd to see you having the newbie status…

Melih and his bunch are sóóó ambitious. Major kudos to all of them as well as all the mods here at the forums. (R) (B) (J)

Thank you guys!!!

we have so much more planned for AV, CIS and many many more!

We are determined to protect end users and do so in a way that is most user friendly to them!

Thank you for all your support.