COMODO antivirus has an EXTREMELY low detection rate.

I have been watching the tests over COMODO 5.8 and I must say the antivirus had turned out to be horrrible I mean if COMODO’s antivirus can’t detect zero days why is there antivirus in the first place???

Here is the video watch and judge it by your self: Test programu Comodo Internet Security Premium 2012 v5.8 - YouTube
COMODO 5.5 use to detect around 8-9 of the links given to it but the new one did badly on all of it’s tests if you don’t count the cloud scanner.

Go to, download samples and check the detection ratio. :wink:
It is constantly improving…

You don’t understand.
Defense+ and sandbox is the first line of defense.
AV is just an addon.
When valkyrie will be integrated with cloud then I guess detection will improve much more.

I prepared a test for my blog with 21.000 malware samples from the last 7 days. I evaluated Comodo’s detection vs Avira’s. Results are interesting. Stay tuned!

I tested 5.8 with 30 malwares which are 0 day from malware domain sites and CIS detection were as follows
21 were detected as soon as they were downloaded
06 were detected as soon as they were executed
03 when executed were sandboxed

which makes CIS almost 100 percent except for the 03 files that ran in sandbox
The results can differ from person to person but hey which normal user goes to malware domain sites and downloads and runs viruses
so Trust yourself and your security software
Always Remember CIS is the best in Prevention anyways whats the use of getting infected then detected by the antivirus

trojan Sinowal/Mebroot

The cloud scanner can not detect this malware immediately, because they are .dll files.

I wish CIS improves the cloud based behavior analysis for the .dll malwares.

Staying tuned. 8)

By the way, just how interesting is intersting? 88)

Yes you are right there are a few malware which can bypass defence+ and sandbox easily without alerts and are only detected by antivirus if it contains the signature

Please send me a PM letting me know which malware can actually bypass Defense+ and the Sandbox if it is configured as described here.

I say in a PM because continuing this conversation here would be a bit… !ot!

I don’t understand: the poll says “Who thinks COMODO antivirus is bad and should be as good as in 5.5?”
Am I right that “in 5.5” is av-component in CIS 5.5]?
Then what is meant by COMODO antivirus? Av-component of new CIS 5.8?

This is where Valkyrie is going to fit in… :slight_smile:

COMODO detection dropped in 5.8 but it was awesome in 5.5

The AV engine hasn’t changed…

Yes I know, but why did the detection go down?

ahmed, i remember that you always complain for the AV. This is only 1 test only on 26 samples! And they are 0 day samples. AV of any vendor is very unreliable and that’s why comodo has Defense + and auto-sandbox.

+1 case closed. useless thread in my opinion for this reason.

OP- “hey i found 26 malwares that comodo doesn’t detect!”

Comodo forum- “big deal.”

OP- “but…26 malwares out of the millions of variants that exist! comodo must suck!”

Comodo forum - “cool story bro” :viva:

haha so true


Do you have problems with av detection on your comp? I guess there are no problems. “Bad CAV” issue is rather far-fetched.

No, but I have seen tons of tests and CIS AV was bad on most of them, take languy99’s test for example

my tests usually use malware that has 15 or less detections on VT, so they are much harder on the av them most, this is how I test the zero day protection of the product.