Comodo antivirus freezes system

I have used Avast for some time now but it can use resources rather greedily so I was attracted to Comodo’s promise of low resource use. I installed it yesterday and everything worked fine until I came to start my computer today. After Windows XP sp2 desktop appeared Comodo effectively froze the system. I tried a number of restarts, but all to no avail. At each attempt the system was frozen, and not even at the same moment each time. Fortunately I had created a system restore point, and after a number of attempts, I was able to jump in and access System Restore before the desktop was frozen by Comodo again and managed to remove Comodo in this fashion. Shame because the program looked attractive in theory, but proved a disaster in practice!
Antivirus programs are notorious for their “low level” power and I know that not every program is suited to every system. Clearly Comodo falls into this category for me. Shame. I have returned to Avast with its usual rock-solid performance.

Do you have any other AV software? Was Avast totally uninstalled?

I used to use avast! before CAV and had no problems switching.


AFAIK Avast was totally removed before installing Comodo (ie. there was no trace of it in the registry etc.). Comodo downloaded an update the first time I was using it and continued to work fine until the next time I tried to start my system. I used to use Antivir until that program totally scrambled my system following an automatic program update (necessitating, for myself and a number of other people I know, a complete clean install!). Consequently I am very wary of any missbehaviour by antivirus programs due to their low-level actions.
I guess I will have to put this one down to experience -although I gather from a number of posts in this forum that Comodo isn’t necessarily the low-resource solution that I’d thought it might be. Avast might be a slightly hungry beast but at least it has proved to be rock-solid on my system.
I sincerely wish Comodo good luck, but I suspect that it has some way to go before it occupies a trusted software slot.


Yes with an “if”, no with a "but. I have to agree that CAV isn’t quite ready for prime time yest, but it is still officially a beta relase. Comodo are pouring a large amount of both money and technical expertise into developing their desktop security products, and, if their beta releases are anything to go by, the release versions will be dynamite.

Resource usage is currently an issue, but its impact is variable, system to system. This is being addressed in the next release and they are VERY confident they will achieve major reductions in resource usage.

As stated, you’ve removed CAV and reinstalled Avast. You’ve done the right thing by your system, ensuring that you have a trusted security layer. Just keep an eye on Comodo over the next few months. I genuinely believe that CAV has the potential to become a major player. Their firewall is superb and Comodo’s intent to harden the entire home PC security layer in a unified manner is, IHMO, exactly the right way to approach it.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. No, I don’t work for Comodo, nor do I have any commercial relationship with them at all. I just think they are going about domestic PC security in a logical, consistent manner, and I really appreciate the fact that they actually listen to users concerns and recopmmendations.

My thanks to both of you for the responses. In all honesty I hadn’t realised that the Comodo antivirus is a beta, and this obviously tempers my opinion. I shall indeed keep an eye on the program and particularly views posted in these forum pages. As I mentioned I do wish Comodo well -I think there is a market (pun!!) for a decent free antivirus program that treads lightly on the resource front yet provides a stable and effective defense.

Thanks! We will keep improving it, pls keep watching this space.