Comodo Antivirus found on my laptop Threat !

??? I need help how to clean this threat; Heur.Corrupt .PE@-1

I tried many times ,but it did not work at all ,every next scan appear again over and over.


Could you please upload the file to VirusTotal, and report back with a link :slight_smile:
So we can make sure that this is not a FP


??? I don’t know what you means ,I’m sorry I’m a beginner in this :embarassed:

Hi fab777,

What Jacob is saying is for you to use this link (Virus total) , upload your file (the file that was detected by the antivirus), and post the link from VT here with the results.
FP means False Positive, witch is when an antivirus detects a file as a virus, but it is not (basically is a mistake).


I didn’t know if I had to start a new subject since I’ve got the same virus alert.

After an analysis of my computer, a threat with the name of Heur.Corrupt.PE@-1 was found by Comodo Antivirus.

The file is : AxInterop.WMPLib.dll.bak
It’s located at the path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell DataSafe Local Backup\Components\DSUpdate\Backup\DSLUpdate

Here’s the link from VirusTotal :

Please tell me if it is a real threat or if, as I think, it’s a false positive.

Thank you!

It could be a false positive. Can you upload the file to the new Valkyrie test service and post the url to its results?

I Guess The Files Are From After I Installed A Couple Of Games.

It could be a false positive. Please submit the file in the f/p board following How to report False Positives - Please read this before submitting !.

Oops! I Thought That’s What I Already Did With The Valkyrie Page
Sorry. COMODO Cleaned It I Figured There Was No Harm In Letting COMODO Delete Them Since The Games Weren’t Working Anyways.

I am showing this same corruption of the mfc45.dll file on 4 different machines. Two of them run Windows 7 64 bit & two run Windows XP 32 bit. The only software common to the 4 are Mozilla’s Firefox & Thunderbird (different versions), Iola’s latest version of System Mechanic and Comodo’s Internet Security. If I delete the corrupted file, it returns when I reboot the system. the Valkyrie site shows