Comodo AntiVirus Failed! Engine is not Initialized

I am using the latest newest Comodo Internet Security suite, with the Anti Virus only running. The problem I’m having is that the automatic & manual updates do not work. I get an error message saying Comodo anti-virus engine is not initialized. I click on the diagnostics repair tool within the comodo Internet security suite menu, it finds error & says its fixed it. But the update error still appears, no successful update can be done. I’ve tried clean un-intsalling & re-installing the program, and it still gives me the update error message. I few time I’ve also received the “Internet is disconnected, check connection” error message, but but net connection is just fine. Please help, this update problem is driving me insane!!! I’ve uploaded the error report log for the specifics on the error occurring with my software.

[attachment deleted by admin]