Comodo AntiVirus detects LogMeIn as a possible virus then locks up computers

On Friday, 5 Jan 07, Comodo began detecting LogMeIn as a possible virus labeling it as “not-a-virus*” and afterward the machine would slow to a crawl and eventually completely lock up.

This has happened to at least 15 computers with both Comodo and LogMeIn running together.

All computers had both pieces of software prior to 5 Jan, and currently the only way I’ve found to fix the problem is to uninstall either Comodo or LogMeIn.

If anyone can provide insight into the issue please let know.

Thanks, Tim

You can simply Exclude logmein files from scanning so that CAV does not catch it again.

Thanks for the quick reply Melih.

I tried this on one computer. It worked until today when CAV started “catching” LogMeIn again. Now CAV won’t uninstall, and it won’t let me uninstall LogMeIn either. Neither will uninstall in safe mode either.

I don’t know if can help, but I’ve attached a screenshot.

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Okay, here is the pattern that I’ve noticed. In CAV I can exclude the LogMeIn diretory and all is good until either CAV or LogMeIn performs an update, that’s when CAV identifies LogMeIn as a virus and the system slowly degrades and eventually freezes.

Hope this helps.

I have narrowed the problem down to the Comodo AntiVirus program. I can use LogMeIn with any other AV program with no problems.

CAV worked fine until after an update last week, then it started identifying LogMeIn as a virus. As mentioned previously, excluding the LogMeIn files did not work. So I download CAV 2 beta and the same problem exists, with one exception. I can now exclude the following "c:\program files\logmein" and “c:\windows\system32\lmiinit.dll” and all appears to work, for now.

I need to keep LogMeIn, and I really would like to keep using CAV. CAV seems to use less system resources than other AV products and after changing the security center setting, it’s easy for basic computer users to use. So I really hope that this can be fixed with an update to CAV. Having a basic (very basic) user change the windows security setting is hard enough sometimes, but to have them start excluding files from on the access scanner will lead them to question the quality and legitimacy of CAV.


You should make sure you exclude the files on both On access and On demand scanner.

While I’m not familiar with LogMeIn I believe the reason CAVS detects LogMeIn is due to the nature of the program. While, yes it can be used for good purposes it could be used maliciously which is why it is detected. In this case you need to exclude the program if you want it to be used. I understand how you feel about this, as it does tend to be quite a controversial issue over such programs.
However, you can submit the files (under the quarantine section) to Comodo in the case it may be a false positive.

If you start having programs again with the program being detected check which files CAVS is detecting, and then exclude these.


mine does it as well. it is with two update files. here is the log file.

hope this helps. I will try to send it to moderator also.

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