COMODO Antivirus Crashes...THEN The Firwall Goes THEN The Defence+ Dies....ETC


Antivirus Status: FAILED TO START
Run Diagnosis: FAILED TO FIX

Firewall Status: FAILED TO START
Run Diagnosis: FAILED TO FIX

Defense + Status: FAILED TO START
Run Diagnosis: FAILED TO FIX

i want to be able to run COMODO without any problems…buts thats not happening :cry: PLEASE HELP!!

Maybe this is obvious, but did you try an uninstall and reinstall?

yeah…i did…but it happened again :cry:

What other software are you running? e.g. AV scanners?

all i had on there was Spybot Search & Destroy

Have you tried disabling it before you do a clean install? (Sometimes CIS does not install correctly with another AV running active).

huh…no…ill try that

i gotta wait till Visual Basic Studio 2008 is done installing :stuck_out_tongue:

nope…still doesnt work…but ill keep trying!!! because… :comodorocks: :comodorocks: :comodorocks:

ok im going to try on VP2007 (Virtual PC 2007) maybe it will work then

Give a try:

  1. Uninstall in “SAFE MODE WITH NETWORK”
  2. Re-boot in “SAFE…”
  3. Go to Device Manager, tick Show Hidden Devices, and search/uninstall all Comodo references (under all “+”)
  4. Do a registry clean with an app or, use Regedit to do a manual search/delete for all entries of: comodo; cmdagent; cfp.exe; inspect.sys; guard32.dll. To remove some Legacy Keys you may need to change/include yourself at Propriety/Security tab of that key (right-click). BUT DO A BACKUP OF THE REGISTRY FIRST - IT’S DANGEROUS TO WORK WITH THE REGISTRY if you never didn’t some - using an app for this is safer.
  5. Do a serach for all Comodo folders in C: and delete them.
  6. Re-boot in “SAFE MODE WITH NETWORK”
  7. Install CIS.

This worked for many.