Comodo Antivirus comes with a spyware!

:frowning: I’m very disappointed with Komodo Personal Antivirus 1.0. It comes with a spyware and not an innocent one. It is a medium risk one. Why did you do that? Comodo has a very fine freeware product, Comodo Personal Firewall 2.0, but your antivirus is a real threat to users.

In my opinion, the choice of putting an spyware in your product will affect very much the good image that I (and possibly others) had from your company.

There’s no spyware in it. Its just detecting the key that all Comodo products use.

see my post about this: Comodo Forum

too many cowboy anti spyware providers! no other way to say it I am afraid.

I am sorry that I might sound harsh but your disappointment should be with your cowboy anti spyware provider not with Comodo!


Melih is right. Windows Defender (Microsoft Antispyware), Spybot and Ad-Aware do not detect this as spyware - only spysweeper and other, poorer antispyware products incorrectly say it is spyware.


SpySweeper is not a poor Spyware Scanner, it is very accurate but when it has a False Positive it is a big one.


Maybe you should contact Webroot and try and get this resolved…

We will indeed. Lets hope they are not a cowboy outfit and act immedatiely. By poorer what is meant is they haven’t checked the product and yet classified it as spyware. There simply is no way to classify Trusttoolbar as spyware that inserts dynamic ads!? Thats a joke! I designed TrustToolbar I know how it works and obviously these people have simply NOT tested the product yet classified it as spyware. That is “poor” business practice, as the only thing I can think of is they must have followed a mistake by some other poor anti spyware vendor without checking the product. So they do follow a poor business practice which makes them a poorer anti spyware product. There simply is no justification of this practice! Unlike AV products that might use heuristic, an antispyware product must intentionally look for the registry key and they have wrongly classified our product. So they have classified our product and even told the paying customer that it inserts dynamic advert (what a bull***). That in my book is a really bad business practice and should be considered worse than poor business and hence products. As I suggested, I have no problem with products that use heuristic and classify a product spyware/virus by mistake and they tune the algorithm further. What is done by SpySweeper is a blatant and inexcusable act of misleading their users by not analysing the product and yet reporting it as spyware cos they have copied it from some other vendor who got it wrong in the first place!


PS: We have a huge team of analysts who analyse every single possible spyware and only after this extensive analysis do we classify Virus/Spyware and I expect everyone to do the same, but they don’t, they simply copy other vendors’ findings rather than analyse it all themselves.


Sorry, the way I worded that was wrong. I did not mean to imply it is a poor scanner just that there are scanners which, as Melih says, are cowboys and that in this case Spysweeper also falsely detects TrustToolbar - not that it is a poor scanner :-[.


No problem Mike :D.

why No one from comodo clarify or answer this query ?


Melih - who posted here - is the CEO of Comodo.
Melih also posted about this this at the following link:,113.0.html


Thanks Mike.

Yes I did respond Firefly. Pls read my comments and the attachment i sent in the link Mike has provided.



Your welcome Melih.