Comodo Antivirus - challenged by Cyberhawk [RESOLVED]

I am in the process of downloading Comodo Antivirus, however, I also have CyberHawk and it has challenged Comodo whilst I was typing an email - with the following comments - that Comodo was “logging all my keystrokes” - this is the first time this has happened to me - should i be worried?


CAVS does not, to the best of my knowledge, contain a keylogger. If it did, I’m certain we would have had people on their back legs, waving their arms madly in the air (AKA orangutang mode) long before now. I’m almost 100% certain this is a false positive from Cyberhawk (not common, but not unheard of either).

What version of Cyberhawk are you running and what version of CAVS are you running?

Ewen :slight_smile:

g’day to you too Ewen

The version of CyberHawk i am using is “CyberHawker Pro version” (on 14 day free trial) and the CAVS is the current one. I was a little anxious in downloading CAVS because I had to uninstall my resident Antivirus - and whether as a result of this - I picked up a couple of virus’s hereto unknown to me “not-a-virus:Adware” took a devil of a time to get rid of them - so i am sorry to say after the “keylogger” message and the virus problem - i deleted CAVS - I am sure from all the reviews on Comodo products - its a very good “software” but unfortunately, I am not a “Computer Techno” and i easily take fright when I get hit with problems I dont understand - but many thanks for answering my questions

Hey Jacqui,

No worries. If it’s OK with you I’ll close this topic.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Since you’ve quoted a CAVS alert string (“not-a-virus:Adware”) is it possible that CAVS detected stuff that your previous one didn’t?