Comodo Antivirus can NOT scan large files - HELP !!

Hi All,

My Comodo can NOT scan large files (i.e. video files of 1.1GB)

I am trying to can video files (.avi, .mp4 etc) and when I do a manual scan it always says ‘Objects Scanned: 0’

I have the Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Do not scan files larger than (MB) = ‘999999999’

Can anyone help to fix this issue of why Comodo Antivirus refuses to scan large files ???


For the manual scan with v8 you will have to set the size limit under Scan Profiles for both the full system scan and quick scan.

What version of CIS are you using? Please notice that manual scans and real time scanning have their own settings.

Hi Eric,

I am using v5.12.256249.2599

I have set the size in the Scanner Setting as per the recommendation in the Help Menu
AntivirusScanner SettingsDo not scan files larger than (MB) = ‘999999999

When I do a manual scan (right click in Windows Explorer > Scan with COMODO Antivirus) it always says ‘Objects Scanned: 0

What setting am I supposed to change to allow me to scan a 1GB Files for viruses ??