Comodo antivirus - Can it be installed when Symentec (Ver.9) is already in place

Comodo internet security package comes with both antivirus / firewall. Currently my system doesnt have a firewall but it has Symantec antivirus (Ver.9).
If i install the int.sec.pack, will it hamper the symantec performance? In that case can i install firewall alone?


Hi Edwin

The short answer - Yes you can - just uncheck Comodo’s AV option in the Installer screen
and install Firewall only.

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p.s. as for performance question - that is your choice having Symantec’ AV
but that is not recommended in any case having two active AV’s anyway.
Main concern would be rather conflicts … and sure there will be overall performance degradation.

It is possible though to have other AVs installed.
You should have only one with active real-time resident and other(s) as on-demand scanners only.
But that depends on your experience. You may even switch between them.
Sometimes it is not trivial to manage such thing.
You should know well all AVs installed and what has to be enabled/disabled (services/drivers/devices/startups, etc.) when you want to switch.

hi there edwin.rajesh (:WAV)
yes, you can install CIS, disable the AV, leaving only firewall & Defense+ component active.
just to be safe, make sure you’ve created restore point before you install CIS so you can’t revert should something goes wrong.

ganda O0