comodo antivirus bugs


While antivirus works very well in general, here two annoying problems:

  1. I can’t eject flash drives using try icon if comodo antivirus installed. Looks like it locks drive or directory on flash drive. It’s known issue?

  2. Every time when comodo antivirus updates itself and ask for reboot system, it losts items which excluded from scan. So I should every time add VNC directory to exclude list. Please fix it…

And VNC not a virus!!! Just a well-known program for remote control…

Thank you.

The issue with flash drives is a known issue which hopefully will be fixed in the new version that is undergoing development.

I have not encountered any lost excluded items after updates. Actually I don’t remember the antivirus wanting to reboot the system for quite some time. What version of CAVS are you using?


Sometimes after update CAVS says something like: “update will be applied after system reboot, rebot now? - Yes/No” (can’t remember exact phrase). This happens regular, about once per month… And then CAVS losts some settings.

Next time when it will ask reboot I’ll make screenshot.

My version box (looks little bit wrong due to 120DPI):

I installed CAVS_Setup_Beta2.0.14.50.exe in May.

As stated here CAVS wants reboot if cavasm.sys updated. I see it updated today - so at today morning it ask for reboot.

Cavsm.exe version was created in May 2007 and updated on my two systems in July 2007. It seems strange that it only updated on your system today. Monthly requests to re-start do not sound correct either.

This to me sounds as if your installation of CAVS may be faulty or something is clashing with it.

What anti-virus were you using prior to installing CAVS? Some do not uninstall completely and leave remnants that can interfere with operation of new products.

It sounds like you may be best uninstalling CAVS and running a registry cleaner and then re-install CAVS. This should hopefully fix the problems of not remembering excluded files and also the re-boot issue.


I used kaspersky antivirus before cavs.
Well, I uninstalled CAVS and reinstall CAVS_Setup_Beta_2.0.15.51.exe
Will see whats happens.

Hi all. My English is not good enough, so I it is difficult for me to read all the topics, but I want to report about some bugs and remarks that I’ve noticed and 'll detect in future. Don’t you mind? :slight_smile:

On startup WinXp there were some dialogs (in right-low corner) to allow or block any applications. So, I blocked “explorer.exe” by mistake and you know that was then :slight_smile: . I couldn’t launch my DeskTop even with TaskManager. But I could launch TotalCommander with it and opened folder “windows”, renamed “explorer.exe” to “explorer1.exe”, and “explorer.exe” appeared again immediately. I launched it and AntiVirus didn’t block one.
So, I am sure that quite unskilled user will cannot help himself in such situation. He will not be very happy to stay with empty display. And he will never setup this AntiVirus again.

A little bug:
After update manually the date in AntiVirus hasn’t changed.


This morning I’ve see such a window…

but before it there had been a standard skin windows message box with text kind of "can’t load *ADM.DLL "

what is it?