Comodo Antivirus Bad initial experiences!

I hope comodo will take this seriously. …

Hi I have two perfectly working computers that is until i installed comodo antivirus. One is a desktop which had mcafee AV installed with firewall and the other is a laptop which had norton internet security installed. I removed all installations of AV and firewall s/w on both units.

Both units are running windows XP SP2 and were working fine until i installed comodo antivirus as the other licenses were soon expiring. Comodo antivirus first caused the desktop to hang in a serious way - totally unresponsive and hogging 100% cpu with the fan going crazy. This didnt occur during a manual scan but only while browsing through the menus. The system could not be shut down without pulling the plug.

After installing the same on the laptop and rebooting etc then performing a manual system scan it maxed out at 100% cpu with the fan going full speed. I managed to shut down the Comodo antivirus s/w and returned to full system usage without having to reboot.

I hope comodo take this seriously as this is a very poor initial experience and naturally both instances of comodo AV will be removed asap. On the plus side their firewall hasn’t given me any trouble yet (1 day) so I’m half happy.



As I am very glad to hear you like the Firewall so far, please be aware that Comodo Antivirus is still a beta version and there are still some bugs to be worked out. As I did not have these problems on my system, I am sure Comodo will take this seriously. I would like you to know that even though after the uninstallation of both McAfee and Norton that they still could of left some parts that could of conflicted with Comodo because both of these antivirus programs are difficult to remove and cannot be removed by just using Add or Remove Programs in Windows XP. Now I am not saying that Norton and McAfee did conflict but it is a good possibility. Also if you could please post your system info such as how much RAM and what kind of processor you have, that could help us figure out what the problem is.

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I had the same problem with CAV. If it is installed with Mcafee gives a great headache. Even with the real time scanner of CAV disabled it is no use. I had to uninstall CAV because for the time being I prefer to have enabled Mcafee since their antivirus database is more complete than that of Comodo. If an update that fix this issue is released please let me know :smiley:

Why not completely evaluate Comodo Antivirus before you assume something such as that? Download a removal tool I found that will uninstall multiple antivirus programs including McAfee and Norton! You can get this download HERE


Sorry for the troubles. pls try to provide us as much feedback as possible so that we can improve the product.


Justin, the desktop has a Pentium 4 HT and 1GB DDR Ram. The laptop has an AMD Turion 64 processor with 512MB ram. The crash was worst on the desktop which required reboots and gave blue screens. I do agree with you that McAfee (was on desktop) is hard to uninstall completely as Comodo firewall detected a left over McAfee file called mcinfo i think trying to communicate out from the pc so THUMBS UP to Comodo FIREWALL for that … I’ll be sticking with it as it seems a great product although nice user manuals would be a bonus help for configuring it as its a tough area for the average home user at times. I’ve gone to AVG for my antivirus requirements for now. Just a final point; I didn’t realise that comodo AV was beta software when downloading and installing - maybe that was hidden in the terms and conditions somewhere - and isn’t beta software or pre-release software normally given a version number under 1.0 ?

If I can help further then let me know.

Well if we know that there was still McAfee left then I am sure that there may have been a conflict with Comodo Antivirus, I assume this because your system information you gave me should work wonderful with Comodo. Please consider trying the removal tool I posted in my last post.


Bobo raised a valid point in his last post. Shouldn’t the version number of CAV be BELOW 1.0 if this is still considered beta? This may lower some users expectations and result in fairer testing.

ewen :slight_smile:

Do you have any more information about this removal tool? Your link to an .exe file with no information about it is about as “anti-security” as you can get.

Name change is being done to clarify the Beta aspect better. There should be a version out with the modification soon.


How long will this be considered a Beta?



Good question! not a specific date. but not too long I hope :slight_smile: