comodo antivirus and windows 7 error

about problem: this is what I posted to comodo fb:

hi, i am for years comodo user. but last updates messed up my pc and some others pc. PC stucks on wallpaper and only rotating circle=cursor is on the screen. second pc " comodo security agent could not be started" is here any quick fix or help pls?

after uninstalling …and installing current version is problem the same, and is frustrating

here is copy of my last message on comodo FB:

Thanks , but also new version do this errors. stucks on wallpaper without icons when restart is invoked. or black screen with blue circle cursor at startup… I like comodo AV, but this is very bad situation… I reproduce this error also on 4 various kinds of ntb and pc with fresh systems without bloatware and virusfree… thanks for any tip

after my last post to comodo FB they redirect me to this forum for help and info


I also have this problems. My computer is Samsung RF711. Windows 7 64x Home. Also problem with freeze on system shutdown.