comodo antivirus and the (fatal separation bug)

i tested comodos antivirus in cis for a while. and i must say: never let it autoquarantine anything! luckily i knew that before (i never saw as much false positives).
heres the case: if comodo antivirus finds a “virus” (in this case a false positive) in the windows, then it shows correct the main folder (.cab file) and the suspected file under it. good so far.
but when you look closer, before you press delete or quarantine, then you will notice, that comodo will not treat this single little file as you wish… it only has a mark in front of

in other words: the whole will be deleted or put in quarantine. (having a “virus”, or lose the
this bug is as fatal as the “winlogon is a trojan” bug a while ago, in the install process.

the same for “making an exception”. you can only except the whole
i hope this will be fixed soon. a whole system could be shut down by a false positive…

Don’t expect replies when submitting bugs. That’s the way it goes. We just suffer in silence. 88)