Comodo Antivirus,and Firewall

I just started using the Antivirus, and Firewall. I am impressed with both the Antivirus and Firewall. :slight_smile:


Good to see another happy user.

Welcome to Comodo, if you have any questions feel free to ask here on the forums as there are plenty of friendly users here and Comodo employees.


well i just installed av and fw, i am happy for that… i used to use norton and have some really big problems i had… espeacially about the ram lacking, norton is eating ram as a hungry bear ;D … but for now comodo is not hungry as i see, you guys have done a great job… :wink: thanks…


Glad you like the Firewall and Antivirus program, did you know that Comodo Antivirus has a spyware engine in it and is starting to detect Spyware as well as Virus threats so you are completely protected with the firewall and Antivirus program!