Comodo Antivirus 5 failed to achieve VB100 status

The link below stated that Comodo Antivirus 5 failed to achieve VB100 in its latest test

That’s the problem of antivirus tests… Nobody has patience to read how it was performed, what exactly it tests… and we all jump to conclusions, better if the conclusions were overestimated :slight_smile:

But, indeed, Comodo Antivirus (not CIS) does not get VB100 on Windows Server 2003 - October 2010.

If I not mistaken, the failure of Comodo antivirus 5 in achieving VB100 was because of it reported 7 false positive. This result you can get from VB100. And as I am free user of VB100, so I cannot see it in detailed

I checked and Comodo failed because it had 7 wildlist misses. It made no mention of false positives. I believe they have to detect every piece of malware, with no false positives, to achieve VB100 status.

Thanks for the correction of my mistake…VB100 is the basic measurement of effectiveness of an antivirus software. Anyhow, I think Comodo will improve its AV detection rate from time to time.

FYI, AMTSO is having a gathering of it’s members as we speak. I’m sure this very issue is being brought up regarding false positives and the severity there of when reporting in tests.

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I for one can’t wait to see the results of the meeting.