Comodo Antivirus 11 - Tasks manager shows High CPU usage frpm time to time ?

I’m a former user of comodo antivirus. I’ve always used this softwore from years and I’ve never encountered troubles until now.

A month ago (or two), I was still using Comodo Internet Security for win 10, and everything was working as intended, then suddenly my tasks manager showed me a line referring to comodo, and called “COMODO internet security”. Two of them were always running, and sometimes a third was added. When this third task was present, my processor would start working a lot, up to 100% usage. And because of that my temp were going from 30°C (86F) to 50°C (122F). The only way I found to quickly solve this was to end the task by myself, then everything was back to normal.

The thing is, this weird behavior were back from time to time, and I still can’t understand why and how. I finally decided to uninstall this version of comodo in order to try another one, and I chose to take “Comodo Antivirus 11” (which is the same software but w/o a firewall built in it, if I’m right ?).
Btw, I thought the problem wouldn’t be a thing anymore, but it’s finally occuring exactly like it was with the previous version of comodo.

Here is a picture :

I tried to find a solution through the forums, but I still can’t get my hands on a solution
I’ve checked the comodo task manager while this “trouble” was occuring, and it seems to be linked to a Scan Analysis ?

I thought it could be a virus, first, because with the previous comodo software I got an infection but it has been cleaned up. I would like to understand how I could fix this problem, I’m afraid of the durability of my processor with this problem around :frowning:

Hi Raiser,

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Sorry for the inconvenience caused. This issue seems to be due to “Scheduled Scan” running.

Can you please go to “Task Manager–>Details” tab and select cavwp.exe which consumes more CPU and take 3 dumps via right click option on process and selecting “Create dump file” and share us the download link by uploading in any online storage.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

Hello PremJK, thanks for your reply.

I’ve created the file, and it seems to be located in "C:\Users\Nickname\AppData\Local\Temps\cavwp.DMP
Is it right ?

Do I’ve to delete the file after I’ve uploaded it somewhere, then link the upload here ? or do I’ve to send it into your ■■■ ?


I’m still waiting for an answer :slight_smile:

Hi Raiser,

Sorry for delay.
Yes, dump would be generated in temp folder. Please upload that file to any online storage and share the download link through private message.
You can delete the file after uploading or you can keep it.

Kind Regards,

Hi Raiser,

We have made several fix for this issue in latest release.
Please try this.

If you still face this issue then check your private message and provide us the required logs.