Comodo AntiVirus 1.1 Email Scanner

Thanks for a good product and the promise to keep it free, it is indeed commendable. I use Win XP home with SP2 and use Outlook 2003 for my email client. I have enabled the Email Scanner and it shows up on the AV control panel as “checked green light”. I have sent and received several emails since I have installed but have not seen it work at all. I have checked the settings for the email scanner and they all seem to be correct. Please let me know if there are additional steps I need to take to make sure my emails are being scanned. Thanks.

If you are using Outlook with Microsoft exchange server then CAVS will not scan your emails.

The anti virus email scanner will only work with POP3 emails.

If you are not using exchange server then the problem may be with your firewall - check to make sure the antivirus email scanner has been allowed internet access so that it can scan your emails.

Another thing that seems to have worked for some is to untick email scan options in AV settings, apply changes and then restart the AV and tick all the options again. I never had this problem and the latter advice is something another user mentioned as working for him.

If you can’t get CAVS to work with POP3 emails then I am sure someone here will have some advice but meanwhile I would not worry: the on-access scanner will still pick up any attached nasties when you try to open them.


I have tried every permutation and combination, even looked (google) if there are any plugins that I may be missing. I just wasn’t able to resolve this issue. I’m sure it is working but it would be good to see the scanner in action and in addition certifying that the emails have been scanned by COMODO will be kind of an advertisement to COMODO. An other way of spreading the word around, subtly.

I use Outlook 2003 on one of my PC’s while on the second PC I have Thunderbird. It does not work on either PC.

I have the following checked …
Scan incoming e-mail (recommended)
Scan outgoing e-mail (recommended)
Display animated icon when scanning incoming e-mail
Display progress indicator when scanning outgoing e-mail
Certify Incoming E-mail
Certify Outgoing E-mail

I have since I posted this initially upgraded to 2.0 Beta

I used Beta 2.x with TBird on POP/SMTP email accounts and it worked fine. Won’t work if the connection to your email server(s) happen to be SSL/encrypted. Only works on unencrypted, standard 25/110 Port connections.



That’s it! The connection the my email server is encrypted and not standard ports. Thanks very much.

Just curious, is there any way to configure this on CAVS ???

Not at the present, unfortunately. My ISP just went that route (encrypted connection) so now two accounts don’t get scanned. I keep thinking I need to see if there’s a TBird plugin where I can then use the on-demand scanner.


Thanks LM. I’ll keep looking for it and post it if I find it and you do likewise. (:CLP)

I’m using GMail via Thunderbird and the email doesn’t get scanned. I do have AVG running to scan the emails, so does this interfere with CAV Email scanner???


AFAIK, CAVS won’t work with gmail at the present, due to ports used (since CAVS only uses 25, 110, rather than allowing other options, such as for SSL ports, etc).

Here’s another post on that…;msg82650#msg82650