COMODO Antivirus 1.0 BETA Build 73 for MAC has been released!

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce the availability of Comodo Antivirus for MAC.

What is CAV for MAC

CAV for MAC, as its name implies, an end-user antivirus product for MAC operating systems. It features:

  • Manual Antivirus scanning
  • Scheduled Antivirus scanning
  • Realtime virus scanning with stateful file inspection
  • And much more like CAV for windows.

What needs to be tested?
The purpose of this BETA is to assess the general quality of the product in real world scenarios.

Please do NOT use this product in your production machines as it might cause serious damage to your computer including irreversible data loss.

Supported Operating Systems:
MAC OSx 10.5 and 10.6 on Intel machines.

Download Location:
tThis release is obselete
Bug Reports:
Please feelfree to use the link below for reporting bugs:

Please use this thread for other feedback.


Downloading now ;D

Now we protect the MAC :slight_smile:

You owe me one Steve :wink:


After a DB download I press “Full scan” and Incremental updates start to download?
Shouldn’t they be downloaded on the first attempt also?

I’m downloading it now! I don’t have a MAC but I don’t care! ;D

Maybe it’s an idea to change the Scanner Icon in the Dock to something else?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Ronny, maybe some screen shots?:stuck_out_tongue:

Just beat me to it. :wink:

Like this

[attachment deleted by admin]

Well done comodo!

is there no HIPS in Mac version?

how can I get mac on a virtual machine?

Valentin N

Ooh, pretty!!!
Does it have a form of Defence+ yet?

No it’s just the first release focused on AV, I think (hope) they have it on the road-map for later versions…

Does it detect both mac and windows malware or just mac malware?

The main GUI

[attachment deleted by admin]

Got to love Comodo (:LOV)

What’s on the more tab at the moment?

Same as in CIS for Windows

This is more info than answering your question… The malware has to be create for the Mac OS; if a malware that is create for attacking windows OS it won’t affect Mac OS since Mac OS is a unix-based. so malware has to be made for the wanted OS.

Valentin N

I realise that, but people file sharing between mac and windows would find cross OS signatures rather handy to have.

I have suggested that AV should signatures regardless of the OS