Comodo AntiTheft

Good Day!
Want to know when your product Comodo will function to protect the laptop from being stolen? It’s something like Steganos AntiTheft, when the notebook every time you connect to the internet sends data to the IP site.

There is a free application for that: Prey

is that a good application?

Would I post if I don’t think so? :wink:

i got my answer :slight_smile: I will try it out.

You can test… setting your computer to “stolen” state and receive the warnings :slight_smile:

Immunet and comodo found it as malware, how come?


Found what? Prey?
Test it again … it’s a Comodo false positive most certainly.

yea from Prey… thx for the answer :slight_smile: I will test it on virustotal :slight_smile:


I submitted the file to comodo for analysis and the false positive has been fixed.

Good work.

Thanks…I think I am going to dump comodo antivirus soon since it has many false positives. I am here want to say thank you to Valentinchen for his generous sharing with me when I was using comodo.

your welcome dannyy :slight_smile:

tip: Keep CIS 5 as it is and disable the realtime protection. Avast is my recommendation (with Immunet of course :smiley: ).


Thanks…but I trust MSE more than Avast so I go back to MSE…(with immunet) ;D

Yes, but it does not have an emergency drive wipe feature in case it gets stolen… I would not add another app to the corporate image until it had a real usable feature like drive wiping. The chance of actually getting the laptop back after it gets stolen (even with Prey installed) would be low… I would just want to ensure data is not accessible.

I would just suggest using Disk Encryption unless Melih and Comodo decide to run with this idea.

I would love to see this autotheft type feature built into disk encryption so that drives that only have folder encryption could be wiped if stolen, but that is such a specific need, I don’t see it being high-priority @ Comodo.