Comodo Antispyware [Resolved!!!!]

Can you guys work on ANTISPYWARE not connected to any COMODO product, so we have a chance to use it aside of our favorite ones? I use NOD32 for 5 years already and I use now your firewall, but if you combine ANTISPYWARE with AntiVirus then I can not use it. Now I use ParetoLogic AntiSpyware.

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I’ve just started to use Paretologic antispyware ( the jury is stillout as to how well it is performing). If Comono ever release an antispyware package then i’m sure that it will be as popular and effective as it’s other products.

Before I consider any software for security I look at site such as Wilders and Spyware Warrior - plus others.
Paretologic seems associated with XoftSpy, so might be a bit iffy.

Spyware Terminator, whilst not the most highly rated, is real time and free. It seems OK with CFP so far.


Thanks for the advice.

Paretologic IS XoftSpy.

Comodo are taking the viewpoint that the lines between what is a virus, what is a trojan, what is malware, what is spyware, etc. are blurring. It is quite common to have what is known as a blended threat, where several malware components of varying varieties will be bundled in the one infection.

They are lumping them all together and just calling them BAD. The new architecture in CAVS 2 consists of the traditional detection and removal layers, but adds an additional outer layer - protection. If a threat can’t get in, there is no need to detect or remove it. This does not mean that they are using a cut down detection or removal engine, or have a greatly reduced signature database. These components are still critical to the internal defenses of your system, but the outer layer hardens the perimeter of your system.

Paretologic isn’t bad. neither is Adaware, AVG, Spyware Doctor, Spyware blaster, or any of hte top level anti spyware utilities. Look at them all and pick the one that you feel will provide you withthe best protection for your system. If it’s CAVS2, then this will have a higher level of integration and inter-operability with version 3 of the firewall when its released.

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Anti-spyware – yes, yes, yes!

Comodo Firewall has been a smash hit because the free alternatives either are not good or come with annoying messages (ZoneAlarm). Plus it is the damn best one out there!

There are already very good free antiviruses out there – Antivir ( ) is the best according to The others (AVAST, AVG) are also good. So far, I don’t think Comodo antivirus is anywhere near their protection and why bother filling a niche that is already filled?

Anti-spyware, on the other hand: I’ve tried 'em all and the free programs simply DO NOT PROTECT. I’ve been burned too many times and have bought a commercial (TrendMicro). None of the commercials are perfect either but much better than the free ones. Spybot has bitten the dust, for example.

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Anti-spyware – yes, yes, yes!

yes i agree with the idea of antispyware, comodo is the best firewall, have to go miles in comodo av.
launching anti-spyware is good option, that too which protects in real time, not just scan and fix like lavasoft etc.

so you want a stand alone Anti Spyware (Anti malware) product then?




I’d suggest CoMoDo programmers to develop an Anti-Spyware program and integrate it into the CoMoDo Firewall and/or make the Anti-Spyware as a Standalone program.

Example : If there are users who already have a 3rd party Firewall program and are satisfied wid it they wudn’t wnat to un-install it and use CoMoDo Anti-Spyware integrated wid Firewall, in this case allow them to download the Anti-Spyware Program as a Standalone.

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First off I think Comodo should develop a stand alone antispyware app.

Spybot Search & Destroy is not that bad. Safer-Netorking Ltd, has a beta of Spybot Search & Destroy 1.5 for its real-time protection and scan engine that you can download over top of version 1.4

Back to Comodo, if you were interested in making AntiSpyware I have a good suggestion.

As everyone knows, Mirosoft acquired GIANT Company in 2004, and released a rebrand on GIANT’s top AntiSpyware product, called Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta 1. Everyone loved the beta 1 except for some of its glitches. However, when Microsoft came out with Windows Defender, and completely ditches Beta 1/GIANT’s technology, many people were mad. I think Comodo should work with Microsoft to acquire the Beta 1/GIANT technology and come out with a rebrand of it and call it a Comodo AntiSpyware Beta. Many people would use it beause they liked MS AntiSpyware Beta 1. Besides changing how the program detects and removes spyware, You guys would have a great Beta for a Comodo AntiSpyware.

so you want a stand alone Comodo antispyware solution?


I think Diamond CS’ farewell message in the Wilders’ forum (regarding their TDS - Trojan Defence System) did a great job of explaining why AS is falling more and more under the AV, as far as the scanning side of things goes, and why prevention is the way of the future (things I have heard Melih say almost identically…)…


Yes Melih, I think a stand alone AntiSpyware app would be great for Comodo to develop, especially if it is a rebrand of MS AntiSpyware Beta 1, with a few changes in how it detects and removes spyware.


check this (:NRD)


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