Comodo AntiSpam doesn't support SSL (to SMTP)? [Solved]

My account definition in Outlook Express has it use SSL for the SMTP connect. That is, for the SMTP server:

SMTP server name =
Port = 465, SSL enabled

My ISP uses the default port 25 for non-SSL connects but for SSL it requires using port 465. When Comodo AntiSpam (CAS) imported the account, it got the settings correctly EXCEPT for the “enable SSL” option. The result is that when CAS tries to send the challenge that it errors because the SMTP server won’t accept non-SSL connects on port 465. Outlook Express works but CAS does not.

I then went into the advanced settings in the account defined in CAS to enable the SSL option for the SMTP (outbound) connection. Still CAS pukes on sending its challenge. I went back into the CAS account definition under advanced settings and the SSL option was disabled. No matter how often I reenable the SSL option, CAS clears it. The only reason why CAS would clear this option is if it does not support SSL connections; however, if it doesn’t support SSL which invariably uses a different port number than the default then CAS should issue a different error (i.e., “Comodo AntiSpam does not support SSL connections. Do you want to retry with standard port number 25 for SMTP and without SSL?”). Of course, without using SSL, the login credentials go out as plain text rather than being encrypted if SSL were used.

Once I changed the account definition in CAS to use port 25 instead of 465 (and left the SSL option disabled since CAS would clear it anyway), CAS was then able to send it challenges. So either the e-mail configuration in CAS is ■■■■■■■ up (by clearing the SSL option or not making it sticky) or CAS doesn’t support SSL and that’s why it clears this option. Either way, CAS won’t support e-mail accounts imported from e-mail programs that have SSL enabled in their account definitions.

Hi Vanguard_LH,

The current version of Comodo AntiSpam does not support SSL. An SSL connection is established between the e-mail client and the server, with all data being encrypted between them. CAS is unable to read this encrypted data.

A new version of CAV will be available in the near future that will support SSL connections to the server.

Kind Regards,