Comodo Antispam dead?

Is development on the Comodo Antispam product dead? I attempted to install and use it but it apparently does not support importing Thunderbird or Mozilla address books!! Thunderbird has been my preferred mail client for a number of years but apparently I will have to switch to Outlook in order to use the antispam product!

Further info - Basically I noticed the entry on the forum about the antispam product, downloaded & installed it. When it came to copying my address book from Thunderbird, it would only allow for copying address books from Outlook/Outlook Express, Opera and Netscape Navigator. I have been a long time user of Mozilla products and have no wish to go back to Outlook! The material about the antispam product says it would support all pop3 products, but there does not appear to be any way to import my address book!! Sure, I could transfer it one address at a time, but!! Anyone have any ideas or suggestions???

Absolutely NOT!

We have recently increased the team size and have a very strong team in place which is going to take the product to next levels!

I am very hopeful about its future as it will have some amazing functionality and some innovation (patent pending :slight_smile: ) built into it.

So expect some good things soon…


Many thanks! Looking forward to another great product.

Hi Everyone,

After a period of unavoidable lowered activity (human resources) we are renewing the AntiSpam project. We are currently expanding the team to improve the quality of Comodo AntiSpam and to add more exciting features. :BNC

Please bear with us as we remedy the situation and expect more activity on the AntiSpam front over the next few months. :SMLR

Kind Regards,
Shane. (:NRD)

Shane - Glad to here it! Hopefully one of the targets will be Thunderbird compatability!?


P.S. when you come up with a beta, I will be happy to test!

I am new, still trying to figure out exactly how the forum works, I posted a message similar to this thread earlier today, but it seems to have gone off to the great forum in the sky, (can’t find it anywhere now!) I have the same question, I am a long time user of Thunderbird, and will NOT go back to Outlook. I love the 2 Comodo products I am using, Just waiting for Anti-Spam to work with Thunderbird before jumping into the “deep end” of the pool! Look forward to Comodo Anti-Spam with my 9 email accounts - (way too much work to convert manually).
Regards, AD

If you go to the top of the page and click on Profile then look on the left side of the new page for Profile info there you will see Show posts click on that and it will show all your posts if you lose one again.

If Anti-Spam is not dead, something certainly is. I applied for the download & received my order & activation code via email on the 29th of March. As I was downloading several other Comodo programs, I didn’t install Anti-Spam right away; however when I wanted to install it I found it hadn’t downloaded at all. When I went back to download it the link sends you to a webpage that says the domain expired on the 29th of March and may be renewed within a few days by the owner.

:THNK :THNK did someone forget about renewing the domain?

Is it going to be renewed, changed or what? Is Anti-Spam going to be available and if so do we use the previously emailed activation code, etc. etc???

After using Comodo Antispan for 12 months+, for the last few days the Trustix home page and Comodo Antispam activation code panel appears approx every two hours.

The ‘lifetime’ activation code originally supplied is rejected as out of date the the website referenced is not available. Antispam seems to keep on working normally so far.

Can anyone shed some light on this and how it can stopped?


Well maybe one of the increased team size members could tell me why it is impossible to uninstall this program. Twice now I have been forced to re install just to get my internet connection back. Not happy camper here. I was trying to add another email account to my Outlook and AntiSpam stuck it’s nose in and created major problems. Again I tried this today and had same results. Also there is now way to delete an account from AS database. Also have noticed it runs in the background so to speak. Even with it turned off it tries to tell me what I can and can not do in Outlook
Now your Firewall that’s the best there is out there and I wouldn’t have anything else.
Thanks for leaning your ear on this complaint

Shane - Any idea as to when the increased team will get around to working on this product???

Hi Guys,

Yes I do! :SMLR
We have put together a team and they working on AntiSpam right now. We are also continuing to expand this team over the next few months.

We are aiming to get a new version to the forums within the next 4 to 5 weeks.

This first new version release mainly addresses fundamental issues with the previous version. One such change is that we have removed and replaced the licensing system so no more activation panels. We’ve also improved compatibility with other third party applications and with our own, including co-operation with CSE.

As with all our products we are constantly working for you to improve the quality and features, so don’t worry we also have plenty of new features lined up for subsequent versions of Comodo AntiSpam.

Shane. (:NRD)

Just been looking at AntiSpam. Seems to be useful and I might use it.

From the site, I couldn’t tell if it was free or if the licence had to be paid for.

I use PocoMail, Eudora 6 and 8 (Thunderbird in effect) and try other clients, so is AS specific to clients?

Could we have a list of developer teams for each comodo product?

I presume each developer devotes 100% of his time to only one product?

Each product has a “team” of people for it and yes they all work 100% on it.


Melih is probably better at answering this but I don’t think it makes a great deal of sense for CPF Staff to list the individual Developers Names for each particuar product and their role and post them onto this open forum. There are “dedicated teams” and that’s all we need to know.


We would not reveal details of our employees for many reasons. From privacy to headhunting etc etc…

I can confirm that we have over 250 programmers working on our products.

You either believe or not… your choice…



Okay since you give me no reason to believe, the default is not to believe.

Hey Luketan,

In the organization I work for, there are more than 40 people working in several sensitive fields. It would take an enforceable court order for our organization to divulge their IDs to an appropriate authority.

Regardless of any other business or organizational criteria, we must respect the provisions of our local Privacy Act that precludes public employee disclosure without prior approval.

Despite your belief or disbelief, there are times when it is simply not appropriate to disclose internal organizational details.

Comodo, in this instance, have chosen not to disclose.

You, in this instance, have chosen not to believe.

Ewen :slight_smile: