Comodo Antispam and IMAP server [Solved]

Just installed with no problems. However I see all during install only POP3 accounts refered to. In advanced I set the port to IMAP port. Seems to work. Mail client is Thunderbird but “Other” seems to work.

The problem is no mail is getting blocked or requested for Auth by Antispam! All mail including Spam is passing straight through.

Ant suggestions?


Thanks Guys!!!

Wonderful forMum (NOT A SPELLING MISTAKE!! ) Posted three weeks ago, 293 reads, and not one slightest bit of help!! Pity because the product is actually workable.

VERY disappointing.


Hi Serik,

Please see the following post:

The current version of AntiSpam does not support the IMAP protocol. Even though you have changed the port number the software does not understand the commands sent by IMAP which are distinctly different from those of POP3.

IMAP support is already well underway and will be added to future versions of CAS.

Kind Regards,