Comodo Anti Viruspyware

As of now, I am using CFP, and Comodo’s Anti Spam program. I am still using AVG Anti Virus program. I was thinking of switching over to your Anti Virus program, but I see quite a few posts on bugs or still being a Beta. I’d like some honest opinions on whether I should stay with AVG for now.


CAVS got pretty bad detection rate from what I’ve heard, but it got HIPS which can prevent almost all viruses.
The HIPS will add up for the bad virus detection.
It’s also in BETA, meaning there’s 100s of minor bugs and a few, maybe 5, critical bugs that might crash your system.
But if you’re interested in trying CAVS, I think you should do so, but remember it’s BETA.

So, to sum it up, if you’re willing to test a BETA-release and understand that it might crash your system, you should give it a try!
Else, stay with AVG till CAVS is out of BETA.


heres my thot:

Melih hoped can launch new CAVS beta dis month, but he also said dun hold on dat.
Stil, new CAVS beta is coming.

while AVG is gud, i suggest u hang w AVG until CAVS3 is finally released unless u wanna test beta 3.

I tried CAVS for some times, like it but it slowed down so I decide to wait until v3.

Thank you for the replies! If I were to mess up this computer, I would hear about it from my wife! I guess I’ll just keep checking here until they get things working better. If I had another system just for testing then I would certainly try it out. Thanks again!