Comodo Anti-Virus

Comodo’s Firewall reputation is legendary as being one of the top notch Firewalls around (free or paid)
But… Comodo’s Anti-Virus has been criticized constantly as “below par” by various testers and web sites.
I, as a true believer of CIS feel confident that CIS is protecting all my systems whenever I am online.
What has Comodo done lately to change to perception of all the dis believers of Comodos Anti-virus protection?
Please be specific :SMLR
Thanks and stay web safe :wink:

Hello Smoaky;

What CIS AntiVirus Has That Others Don’t?

  1. 6+ Million Signatures (For Starters);msg246360#msg246360

  2. Their Own AV Engine (Other Companies Use Someone Else’s Engine)

  3. Only Focus’s On HD and RAM/Memory (Some Other companies put in “Email Scanners/Web Scanners/ Web Gaurd etc etc” = Bloatware)
    Comodo Forum

  4. Comodo’s Name In It :slight_smile: & Community Driven
    Knowing that top notch Comodo dev’s are behind it,
    If you have a problem/issue you can go to the forums where the Dev’s and the CEO is ready to respond if Needed.
    If you have a feature you wish to see in the AV you may post it in the Wishlist.

  5. Free…
    Many AV Programs Don’t Give Out Full Blown AV For Free…

There Is More: I know, Just can’t really think :-\


Yeah, but at least other companies anti-virus actually works!

4. Comodo's Name In It :) & Community Driven Knowing that top notch Comodo dev's are behind it, If you have a problem/issue you can go to the forums where the Dev's and the CEO is ready to respond if Needed.

Oh really???

7Leagues, you are obviously not happy with Comodo. Please keep in mind that the inability to run manual scans appears to be specific to your system.

CIS is a fantastic product. Is it perfect, I don’t think so but it offers an excellent level of protection, better than many payware solutions.


Actually, I have a tendance to recommend only Comodo because even though I cannot run manual scans it performs well in every other area. I even uninstalled an replaced my previous Webroot solution with Comodo because I felt that Webroot’s product and after sales service were so inferior.

hi every one !I am a true lover of CIS suite,i believe it’s the best security suite;on my old pc I have no problem to run a manual scan or something else;however i run CIS FW+CAV along with Avira free,and thats because what Avira detects CIS not,and what CIS, Avira don’t.

Well you should never have more than one anti-virus program on your system. This can cause conflicts and system slowdowns.
Decide on one AV program and stick with that. If you want to run a separate AV scan there are a couple on-line scanners that you can use to re-assure you that your primary AV program is doing the job it was intended to do.
A couple that come into mind are,Trend Micro House Call…
and Norton which I really like…
Good Luck and stay web safe :wink:

Hi :slight_smile:

Don’t forget



Just remember not all on-line AV scanners will remove your infections. Most only tell you what the infections are and will not remove them. Be sure to look for one that will remove any infections for free.

hi smoaky. I heard it’s not a good idea to have 2 AV working alongside;at this point there are many opinions;however to me there is no conflicts between them or machine slowdowns;I saw no diference before running CAV alone,or after I decided to run CIS together with Avira. I’m confident with CIS,I love it.

Glad it works for you ,then
Anything we can do to stay safe I am all for it. :wink:

Smoaky,it’s so kindly of you for offering help in time of need…however,running CIS suite+Avira I think I’m kept to you.

At least you can rest assured that everything will work together without having conflicts.

For instance i USED to use Kaspersky antivirus, but the proactive defense was incompatible with Defense+. Heck, just look at their list on incompatible software. It makes you wonder how it even works at all.

…at least we know there is harmony in Comodo.

Yes, you can install Avira along with CIS, just don’t install the Avira’s antivirus guard. This will leave Avira as an on-demand scanner, and then you will have no conflicts. And you will have BOCLEAN built in to the Comodo antivirus.

Which is better CIS or Avast?

At least Avast will warn you of bad web sites!
CIS never did even on the same site.

For example Avast says it has a Trojan in an iFrame.
CIS says nothing, but then again I did not have ASK JunkWare Tool Bar installed…
This is just another reason I use Opera with iFrames Turned Off !!!

Any insight???

Ban iFrames save the web…

eXPerience : changed the link

CIS grabs something there if you allow javascript to run, but I doubt it’s a trojan. No I haven’t investigated the file.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Well it seems like there is some obvuscated javascript in it that doesn’t belong there…
So I’d stay way from that page…

But CIS will never alert you for content on a site, because it does not “check” your web pages.
So it can’t also slow them down, now if you would hit such a drive-by-download CIS will kick in the second it tries to save malware to disk, or exploit it to memory, and that’s quick enough.

It is really good to be aware of what CIS is monitoring but paranoia should never become a factor if you do the following,
I have been surfing the web for about 2 decades without any major virus attacks. (1.) use a good NAT enabled hardware Firewall Router. (2.) use a safe browser (Firefox) (.3) Stay away from known suspicious web sites I.E. Porn ,Torrent portals ETC. ETC. (4.) Keep windows updated.
(5.) Use CIS and you will be safe. :wink:
Use that big membrane between you ears (brain) and practice common sense. :slight_smile:

i love cis,much better than trend internet security

Best internet security solution so far for me is CIS (av,fw, d+) and FIREFOX (AdBlock Plus, BlockSite and WOT addons installed) !!!
I’ve surfed all the “bad sites” that you can imagine (torrents, porn, drive-by downloads, cracks, etc) by now and no virus, simply because with CIS in combination with FIREFOX (with the addons mentioned above installed) was impossible to get infected !!
But surely, as someone said here, you must also use “the two lobes between your ears (brain)” because no software can protect you from not using the “two lobes” !!!

                                                                                       Be safe !