Comodo Anti-Virus

Im really looking forward to using Comodo Anti-Virus but dont fancie trying it as a Beta as my brother had problems… Does any 1 know when its out fully?

Please try CAVS Beta 2.

still beta then?

is it safe to use yet then?

Also whats the download link as the comodo download page is still showing Beta1

Yes, although it is near the end of beta testing.

is it safe to use yet then?

Difficult to answer ???. Your best bet is to give it a try. I’ve not had any “major” problems myself :).

Also whats the download link as the comodo download page is still showing Beta1

Try here >,6012.0.html


Please note, willas00 ~ I cannot stress this enough ~ it is a beta product.

While beta 2.x is far superior to beta 1.1 in all respects, some users have had issues. A recent definitions update had a rather noticeable error in that it quarantined a windows file necessary to log in to Windows; this caused major problems for a number of users.

I’m not saying that to scare you away from it, but just to make sure that you understand the potential risks involved. Even publicly released software can cause problems, not just beta releases; but one needs to anticipate and be prepared for difficulties. If you decide to use it, be sure to make thorough and complete backups prior to installation, and also set the On-Access scanner to NOT quarantine automatically, so that it won’t accidentally get something you actually need. :wink:


im not planning on Using Beta but i really need this to come out something is wrong with my AVG scan

CAVS and AVG aren’t the only free anti-viruses in the world…

and you’ll need a free anti-spyware too.

ive got Spyware protection :smiley:

After problems with the Beta 1.1,and using other antivirus and firewall,i installed CPF and Antivirus Beta 2. Updated them right after install,and so far no problems!
The workaround given by some of the forumguys was to much for me,so i choose the easy way…

But now i am a happy Comodo-user again!!



good to hear Brakovich …

we will keep improving the products…