comodo anti-virus

I tried comodo anti-virus as my computer was infected by win32:hidreg and brontok worm through network. Instead of repairing/deleting, comodo quarantine all files that are infected. Comodo should remove viruses.

Some viruses simply cannot be safely removed from the files thay have infected and must be quarantined. I don’t know if this is the case for the viruses you have mentioned, but it is a possibility.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Ewen is correct and it is also, I believe, better to quarantine suspect files and then try to repair from quarantine. If files can not be repaired then they can be deleted.

If files were immediately deleted after detection then it is possible some files that a given user wishes to keep may be deleted. A lot of users will put up with ‘minor’ malware in order to use certain P2P software - deletion of files would take away users choice. Experienced users are aware of the risk and can choose to temporarily ignore some malware. Inexperienced users will be protected as files are quarantined.

I think CAVS works well and protects the inexperienced whilst giving more experienced users choices in what they do.