Comodo Anti-Virus vs Avast

I am currently using avast as my anti-virus software.
Was wondering how Comodo compares to avast.


As of now use Avast!

Well, avast does have a better detection rate. Now we all wait for CAVS 3, the forums members seem to have high expectations…


The latest Beta of Avast (v4.8.1137) has antirootkit as well.
There’s a summary here:

But I am still thinking about trying the Comodo anti-virus.
If I try Comodo,I think I will just stop Avast from running

Just remember to make avast stay disabled, else there’s a potential risk of conflict with CAVS.


This is an interesting topic to me because I found my way here trying to figure this out. I have used Avast for years and been happy with it (currently on 4.8 ). I recently starting using Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 and like it as well; but I’ve been having trouble with internet performance being horribly slow or nonexistent running the two together. I searched for ‘comodo interfering with internet performance’ and saw references to people having trouble with it and Avast together. Frankly I hate to give either of these up, but it seems clear that on my machine (Vista home premium) they are incompatible.

If your planning on using CAVS 2 with CPF3 Defense+ then you should disable CAVS 2’s HIPS. The safelists feature isn’t required either since your using Defense+ so you Don’t need to run Build Safelist once you’ve installed so UNCHECK this option before you reboot.

I use CBoClean along side it for a bit more protection and CMF too.


Melih’s discussions of CAVS3 indicate that it will be based on whitelisting of processes and use of the HIPS component of CFP3. Don’t know how much overlap/interference there will be with a signature/heuristics based virus scanner like avast! So may be complementary? Watch for the beta and see.