Comodo Anti Virus true

Is there anybody (most would like Melih) that can tell me true about Comodo AV?
I placed this question because I’ve seen a number of moderators here who use other AV and Comodo firewall and because of the numerous posts about how Comodo AV just isn’t that good.
That’s why I asked you Melih to tell me what actually is wrong.

Thank you very much


I am not Melih but I have been using comodo suite for 3 months now and Ihave not run into any problems yet. I have been doing on demand scans with other products and so far nothing has been found that the antivirus missed. :-TU

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I have to agree with intrepid44.

Its works for me just fine but I wonder why some moderators do not trust the Comodo AV? There must be reason.

Just curious, where/how you got this idea?

Some Mods are fans of some other softwares and may be supporters or even mods on other forums.
Being a full on CIS user is not a prerequisite to being a Mod.

There is no “secret” or “inside” reason not to trust the AV.

We all have personal preferences and biases for different things.


The best AV is VirusTotal!!! :slight_smile:

You need one AV product that has top 10 AV engines in it for world’s best detection ratio!


Glad to hear that! For me Comodo will always be the best! :-TU

I think the largest reason is that Comodo Antivirus hasn’t been tested by a reputable testing company… yet. It’s supposed to be tested by AV-Comparatives in their next round of tests.

Also, it can have trouble on some computers, but for most people (myself included) Comodo Antivirus runs fine.

The most important parts of CIS are the Firewall, Defense+, and the Sandbox. The antivirus component is really only there to possibly stop you from making a mistake and allowing a malicious file, and to decrease the number of alerts you get by automatically removing files it knows are bad.

Well, that’s my way of looking at things.

Me too.


Every program could… Troubleshooting and helping is for that :wink:

I can assure it’s a relief when your antivirus caught the malware and is shown there.
It’s a pain when you use virus total and your antivirus just missed it…
For sure, the great “second” opinion is virus total.

I’m sure there’s a great use for knowing what products can and cannot detect a particular malicious object. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Sure :slight_smile:

I think ALL the AV companies should get together and add their engines together into one engine to create a super engine…


You have the power to propose this to other CEO’s.
Why don’t you ask Vince (avast’s CEO)?

Nooooooooo you want competition, we dont want a 1 World antivirus company just like why we don’t want a 1 world government!!! :-TD

There’s more than one way to skin this particular cat. :wink:

It’s a great idea only it is impossible. Its all about money, it would be problem of how to divide money from the sold software!

But its not ethical, for money they sacrifice end user security! is it?


I just quote Melih’s desire.
I think he (and I) is thinking on free antivirus world. I don’t think Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky and so on will share his desire.

Yes they do but that is impossible to stop. I think it would be a big problem if there is only one AV because in that case to all hackers will join together together to break it!