comodo anti-virus.configuration.

hi.what is the most secure setting for my ant-virus please.i have it set to on this ok or should i use stateful.thank you very much. :-La

All stateful does is not scan files that haven’t changed since the last scan but this gets wiped after every update so i would leave it on…on access.

hi darthfirefox.thank you for your reply.all the best. :a0


Here is a bit more detail on the differences.

On Access - Provides the highest level of On Access Scanning and protection. Any file opened will be scanned before it is run and the threats are detected before they are getting a chance to be executed.

Stateful - CIS scans only files that have not been scanned since the last virus update - greatly improving the speed, relevancy and effectiveness of the scanning.

I personally use on access, it is a bit higher on resources but it gives me a little more peace of mind.

thanks a lot.ive been using the av on access all along and find it very effective.thanks again for showing the differences. :comodorocks: :BNC